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It’s a normal working day over here, but one that is sparkling. We wish to thank you for being with us through this year. It has been very fruitful and we are gearing up for one even more intense. But meanwhile we would like to present our Birthday gift to you — integration of 2Checkout as a new payment method in E-shop. ...

Site News » uCoz news - 14/11/24

The outstanding event transpired today. The "E-shop” module, previously in the beta-testing mode, acquired the status of a constant release. It was a long path! Together with our active users we have been testing and updating the module for more than a year. The module has gotten significantly bigger, gained additional features. Many oversights and errors have been fixed. New goofs were made :) and shaped up again.
Site News » uCoz news - 11/02/02

E-SHOP MODULE has been updated! Now goods have new options. You can choose different colors, size, wrappings etc. – any characteristic you need. These options can either influence or not the price of an item. Besides, the cart has become more functional, it`s easier to work with the price list and all the links to digital goods are better displayed and visible for the users.
Site News » uCoz news - 10/11/26

As it was announced before, "E shop” module is a commercial module within uCoz web services. For many reasons including responsible attitude toward business and consumer ...will lead to creation of e shops that are made without a bit of accountability. Such e shops mislead their customers by accepting orders, but not ...
Site News » - 2011-02-02 10:30:17

E SHOP MODULE has been updated! Now goods have new options.
Site News » - 2010-11-26 20:51:51

"Adding items in E shop module”). Select one of the topics for this nomination or come up with your own.
Site News » - 2011-04-10 00:22:48

...re looking to build an e shop, you need to enable the E shop module. If you feel that your shop lacks a blog and/or ...paid paid module is the E shop, the rest are free. #3 Designs There are three options: you can design your own theme, use one of ...
Publisher » Reviews - 2015-03-03 11:35:24

...a new payment method in E shop. It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated our 8th Birthday! Here at uCoz HQ, time simply flew ...com integration in the E shop module! Now you can easily set up payments with bank cards in your online shop.
Site News » - 2014-11-24 13:03:58