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Developing and maintaining a website for a new business or just a hobby can cause a dent in your pocket and a lot of new business and personal projects suffer due to lack of funds to maintain the online presence. Most domains that allow free building and web hosting don’t offer such extensive choices and feature as uCoz.com. uCoz is the answer to your prayers if you’re looking for a great free website builder with unlimited free hosting.


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Ever wondered how popular your site is and how your site compares with other sites on the net? The following resources are intended to help you assess just popular your web site is (or its ranking): Compare ...
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...you will not renounce our site and visit it regularly. Recommended Browsers Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla ...related tasks such as displaying web sites, sending and receiving e mail messages, managing conacts, chatting on IRC clients, downloading files via BitTorrent, and reading Web ...
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"IE9 started from the premise that the modern web will deliver HTML5 experiences that feel more like native applications than sites. Building on hardware accelerated SVG, canvas, video, audio, ...us, IE9 is about making web sites shine. It’s about the web sites you go to every day on your PC.
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...it has slipped past your web radar, DIY site builders have changed dramatically over the last few years, morphing from simple page construction kits into complex ...uCoz has been a unique site builder ever since its launch in 2005. Unlike the competition, it targets both end users and web professionals (designers, developers, ...
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...should be dedicated to uCoz web services in general (great example is Creating a website within 10 minutes ). To make the choosing process easier, you ...read more A winner of the nomination The best uCoz web services overview video gets: A ...
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Right now we added the first 5 templates for sites in the system of uCoz, you can find them in files catalog. These templates given by web masters and designers of studio ...
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...s time, especially on the Web, and our devs and designers haven't been sitting idle. We've released a lot of new and long ...setup tutorial . Thank you for staying with us, for building sites, blogs, and shops.
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...mounths or domain for your site. Besides, all the authors , whose works didn't win in any nomination, but would be used in the uNet ...guaranties that your projects will not be spread on the web before the contest is over.
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