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That's right, we've been in the website building market for 10 years! Today we are celebrating our first major anniversary consisting of two digits. For IT industry that's a good indicator of stability and growth.

Very few web services can boast such a long way, many of them shut down before passing t ... Read more »

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It’s a normal working day over here, but one that is sparkling. We wish to thank you for being with us through this year. It has been very fruitful and we are gearing up for one even more intense. But meanwhile we would like to present our Birthday gift to you — integration of 2Checkout as a new payment method in E-shop. ... Read more »

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We look for The best uCoz Website made by this page fan every month. Do you think Your site can be one?
The winner will get BUSINESS SERVICE PACKAGE for a month. We estimate website design and development and take all the LIKES you get into account.Ask your friends to vote for your website with their Likes!

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A new contest dedicated to creation of video tutorials about the system starts. What do you need to participate in the contest? All you have to do is to create your own video tutorial about uCoz (you can come up with the topic yourself or select the suggested one).

By the way, we have a brilliant manual on creation of video tutorials. ... Read more »
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Here is a refreshing update! From now on uCoz makes it possible to use both PHP and API! The new possibilities enable you to actualize various features on your website, to get a tighter grip of the templates, and even create advanced services on your website.
Yet, this novelty isn’t strictly for professionals. Thanks to the collection of scripts, which we will be replenished on the ongoing basis, everyone would be able to take advantage of them.

Read the details: ... Read more »
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Finally, uCoz web-services textbook in English is available -

The textbook provides all the answers to "why”, "what” and "how” questions in order to achieve the results.
The textbook is a collection of:

* step by step instructions for creating a website: starting with system registration and finishing with system $CODES$ analysis
* full description of all the MODULES
* tables with ... Read more »
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It is well-known that our nearest plans include uNet full launch. Social connections between the users are going to be implemented there. But what kind of communication is that, if there are no gifts, presents and other stuff to express your emotions. I mean small graphic images, which can be exchanged among users (example).
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Now you can download our customized browser. It's a Firefox browser package created specially for uCoz users, that includes uToolbar and other useful addons. Our customized browser packages will make work with your websites easier and more interesting!
See more information here
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The outstanding event transpired today. The "E-shop” module, previously in the beta-testing mode, acquired the status of a constant release. It was a long path! Together with our active users we have been testing and updating the module for more than a year. The module has gotten significantly bigger, gained additional features. Many oversights and errors have been fixed. New goofs were made :) and shaped up again.
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Our dear users!
uCoz team congratulate you with Christmas and coming New Year.
We wish you health and happiness! May all your dreams come true! We wish your websites success in their development! :)

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