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uCoz Website BuilderOne of the reasons people (especially the tech-savvy ones) don’t take online website builders seriously is that most platforms have mediocre feature sets which limit you to creating a website only using their ready, predesigned building blocks. While many are satisfied with that scenario, others need the freedom to go beyond these blocks to be able to design whatever they want.

Just in case it has slipped past your web radar, DIY site builders have changed dramatically over the last few years, morphing from simple page construction kits into complex systems that can compete with WordPress. One of these is uCoz website builder.

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The newer version of Firefox from Mozilla is definitely better than Firefox
3.6 and is definitely worth trying out. Firefox 4 runs on the Gecko 2.0
web platform. Earlier today I downloaded Firefox 4 and put it through
some drills, here is a review of Firefox 4 Beta 1 where you can find the
new features and also the how Firefox 4 fares against other browsers in
web browser benchmarks...

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Sometimes, blogging software just isn’t enough and you have to transition to a full blown content management system, where you can easily run polls, guest books, photo albums, forums, and more, but the change can be difficult if you don’t have the technical knowledge on installing and configuring complex applications like Drupal.
Those that enjoyed the hosted environment of might enjoy a new hosted service called uCoz. Ucoz provides its users with an almost Drupal or PHP-Nuke (if you can remember back to when that was popular) like content management system that supports a variety of features out of the box that go beyond just blogging.
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